Beyond The PPL

Extend your boundaries

Gaining your flight crew licence opens a world of opportunities to build your skills with further training.

The Flight Instructor FI(A) Certificate

The holder of the UK Part-FCL FI(A) Flight Instructor Certificate has the ability to teach the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) and Light Aeroplane Pilot’s Licence (LAPL) to ab-initio students.

The FI(A) is the gateway qualification to earning money with a pilot’s licence, and is the the only qualification which allows a PPL with a Class 2 medical certification to be renumerated for flying duties.

A pre-course assessment flight is required prior to being accepted on to this course. Our package then covers the minimum requirements of the FI(A) course, including the preparation and delivery of the PPL syllabus for both practical flight training and theoretical knowledge. Upon completion of the course, an assessment of competence, including a flight test, will be conducted with a CAA examiner.

Please note that test (including associated aircraft hire) and application fees are not included in the package cost.

Course Overview

  • Pre-requisites:
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FI(A) Course Pre-requisites

  • Flight training: Minimum 30 hours
  • Ground school: Minimum 125 hours

The Night Rating

By adding the Night Rating to your PPL or LAPL, you will be able to exercise the priviliges of your licence at night under VFR.

This course includes 4 hours of dual training at night, including a dual navigation sortie, plus an hour of solo circuits.

There is no flight test or ground examination for the Night Rating but some ground school will be required. Ground school is available from our online ground school portal.

Course Overview

  • Pre-requisites:
    • LAPL or PPL with valid SEP
    • Min 1 hour dual instrument flying for LAPL holders
    • Valid medical certificate
    • Ground school completion certificate
  • Flight training: 5 hours
  • Ground examinations: None

The Instrument Rating (Restricted)

The IR(R) is a UK only rating which extends the privileges of your PPL to allow flight in IMC and to perform instrument approach procedures in UK airspace.

There is a 15 hour dual training requirement, a ground examination and a flight test to complete. Prior to application for the issue of an IR(R), the PPL holder must have totalled at least 25 flying hours since licence issue, which can include the IR(R) course itself.


Course Overview

  • Pre-requisites:
    • PPL with valid SEP
    • Valid EASA medical
    • Ground school certificate
  • Flight training: 15 hours
  • Ground examinations: 1 multiple choice

The Single Engine Piston (SEP) Rating

SEP Initials and renewals

For those who hold a Part-FCL licence already but do not have an SEP rating endorsement. This is common for commercial pilots who wish to either reactivate their privieges previously held or those who have progressed through an integrated ATPL course and have never had an SEP issued.

Any flight training is determined following an assessment of competence and a full skills test is required.

If the licence holder is renewing an expired SEP then we can often complete this training together with the test in a single day.

LAPL to PPL conversion

Prior to commencement of an abridged course of training for a PPL(A), the holder of an LAPL(A) shall have completed a minimum of 5 hours Pilot in Command flight time on aeroplanes following licence issue.

Private Hire

Current licence holders can take advantage of their SEP rating by hiring Merseyflight aircraft for hour building with a Merseyflight membership.

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