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Student Pilots

  • Online , exportable training records
  • Video courses for all 9 theory subjects plus practical flight training
  • Full, interactive course syllabi for easy reference
  • Mock ground examinations featuring extensive and realistic question bank




  • Online training records can be completed or perused anytime, anywhere
  • Comprehensive lesson plans including exercise detail, completion standards, pre and post-requisites
  • Online training manuals and course plans



All Members

  • Online, exportable  electronic logbook
  • Online flight booking system
  • Online access to all Merseyflight and LJLA operational documentation
  • Access to our pre-flight planning library, including:
    • performance pro-formas
    • plogs
    • scripts
    • checklists
    • and more!



PA-38 Flight Simulator

Use of our simulator to complement your training can significantly reduce the amount of additional hours required above the course minimums:

  • Fully working cockpit controls, switches, levers etc
  • Realistic aircraft responses modelled on the PA38 Tomahawk
  • Fully functional instrument panel and radio navigation aids
  • Realistic cinematic visuals of Liverpool Airport and the local area

This is as close as it gets to operating a PA38 without flying one!

Public Resources

Online Ground School Courses

All of our courses cover the required study syllabus for EASA and UK specific theoretical knowledge.

This Ground Breaking on-line ground school takes off with full colour, graphical course subject material that is kept absolutely up to date, with on line ‘real time’ mock tests and exams in CAA format.

Using this system, Student Pilots automatically gain their ‘Certification of Exam Readiness’ allowing them to take their official examinations without further fuss or intervention.

Includes courses for PPL(A), LAPL(A), IR(R), Night Rating and more!

Operational Resources



Use the following links to find out more about the implications of specific medical conditions on learning to fly or for more detailed information on the medical certification process.

Local Aeromedical Examiners

Below are listed are contact details for some of the local aeromedical examiners (AME) which our members use. If you have further questions after studying the official guidance you should contact an AME for advice.

Skymed Ltd

Manchester Airport

Tel. 07704 299 058


Dr John R Wray

Maghull, Merseyside, Formby & Manchester Airport.

Tel. 07770 798 353


Dr Ed Byrne


07802 876 752



Safety Reporting

Occurrence reporting in the UK and the rest of Europe is governed by European Regulation 376/2014. More guidance on what should be reported and by whom, together with access to the online reporting portal, can be found here.

Merseyflight members are encouraged to report both mandatory reportable occurrences and any ‘non-reportable’ issues via the Merseyflight safety event reporting portal. Reports made via this method will be escalated by the Merseyflight Safety Manager to the relevant authorities as appropriate. Safety issues affecting Merseyflight aircraft or personnel must be reported using this method.

Safety Publications & Sites