The Single Engine Piston (SEP) Rating

SEP Initials and renewals

For those who hold a Part-FCL licence already but do not have an SEP rating endorsement. This is common for commercial pilots who wish to either reactivate their privieges previously held or those who have progressed through an integrated ATPL course and have never had an SEP issued.

Any flight training is determined following an assessment of competence and a full skills test is required.

If the licence holder is renewing an expired SEP then we can often complete this training together with the test in a single day.

LAPL to PPL conversion

Prior to commencement of an abridged course of training for a PPL(A), the holder of an LAPL(A) shall have completed a minimum of 5 hours Pilot in Command flight time on aeroplanes following licence issue.

Private Hire

Current licence holders can take advantage of their SEP rating by hiring Merseyflight aircraft for hour building with a Merseyflight membership.