The UK Light Aeroplane Pilot’s Licence (LAPL)

The LAPL is a ‘light’ version of the PPL and is primarily aimed at those who plan to only fly privately, in aircraft of limited size and in good weather conditions. It also requires a slightly less demanding medical certification, so those who can not obtain a Class 2 medical can fly with reduced priviliges.

If you are limited by a medical condition or are only ever likely to fly for pleasure and in good weather then the reduced cost of the LAPL  can make it the pragmatic choice.

The only additional rating that can be added to the LAPL is the Night Rating, but the licence is upgradeable to the PPL post-issue which then opens the door for further training if desired.

Students enroling on a Light Aeroplane Pilot Licence course must be at least 14 years old.

Course Overview

  • Flight training: 30 hours (minimum)
  • Ground study options:
    • Self study
    • Online courses
    • Classroom
  • Ground examinations: 9
  • Medical certification: Class 2 or LAPL