The Flight Instructor FI(A) Certificate

The holder of the UK Part-FCL FI(A) Flight Instructor Certificate has the ability to teach the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) and Light Aeroplane Pilot’s Licence (LAPL) to ab-initio students.

The FI(A) is the gateway qualification to earning money with a pilot’s licence, and is the the only qualification which allows a PPL with a Class 2 medical certification to be renumerated for flying duties.

A pre-course assessment flight is required prior to being accepted on to this course. Our package then covers the minimum requirements of the FI(A) course, including the preparation and delivery of the PPL syllabus for both practical flight training and theoretical knowledge. Upon completion of the course, an assessment of competence, including a flight test, will be conducted with a CAA examiner.

Please note that test (including associated aircraft hire) and application fees are not included in the package cost.

Course Overview

  • Pre-requisites:
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FI(A) Course Pre-requisites

  • Flight training: Minimum 30 hours
  • Ground school: Minimum 125 hours